The Big Interiors Battle: new Channel 4 show hosted by AJ Odudu coming to our screens in 2023

At a time when home ownership feels out of reach for many, a new interior design competition is set to award one of the biggest prizes on television; with the winner becoming the owner of their very own two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Sheffield.

The Big Interiors Battle is set to hit our screens in early 2023 on Channel 4, and will see eight talented interior designers receive the keys to an apartment in Capital&Centric’s high-end Eyewitness Works development in South Yorkshire. Each week they will be challenged to transform a different room in the home.

While TV presenter AJ Odudu will be hosting, Dara Huang, an architect and entrepreneur with clients across the globe, ranging from the world’s most famous brands to billionaires, will be judging the designers’ work each episode.


One Room Renovation: Kitchen Makeover In Surrey

WATCH: One Room Renovation: Kitchen Makeover In Surrey

‘I’m really looking forward to seeing what this cast of competitors bring to the table in the hopes of winning this life-changing prize. I’ll be holding contestants to an extremely high standard as there’s a lot at stake here – they’ll need to employ genuinely innovative design hacks to create something original and impressive!’ says Dara.

The contestants will return to their apartments after judging to learn their fate. If the light on their door turns green when they use their electronic key-card, they will remain in the running for another week. However, one designer’s door will go red, locking them out of the apartment and signalling their departure from the competition.

Host AJ Odudu reveals: ‘I’m so excited to be involved in a series that has the potential to genuinely change the winner’s life. I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone’s different styles – as a major interiors obsessive myself, I’ll definitely be on the look out to hopefully pick up some nifty DIY tricks from this cast of pros.’

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