How to cat-proof your Christmas tree

As cat owners everywhere will know, looking after a Christmas tree while having a cat in the house can be a challenge. From playing peek-a-boo in amongst the branches to knocking festive displays over completely, cats love to climb and jump on the trees, while the shiny decorations are far too tempting to play with. Yes, it can be cute to observe, but it’s also a little bit heart-breaking when your perfectly decorated tree takes a tumble.

So, to keep your cat from causing havoc in your home this Christmas, B&Q has shared five top tips on cat-proofing your tree. With any luck, you won’t need to redecorate it every single day in the lead up to 25th December…

1. Add citrus to the area

Cats are said to dislike the smell of citrus, so adding a spray or peel from oranges and citrus fruits around the tree should help to deter them from getting too close.


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2. Keep your tree away from furniture

You want to minimise their opportunities for getting to the tree as much as possible,’ says Mairi Devlin, Head of Horticulture at B&Q. ‘If you have your tree close to furniture, you’re giving your cat an easy route to destroying your tree.’

3. Avoid placing decorations on the lower parts of the tree

Cats are attracted to anything that is shiny or remotely dangling in their face,’ explains Mairi. ‘Temptation can easily be prevented by avoiding placing baubles at eye level and focusing on decorating further up the tree.’


Try wrapping the base of the tree trunk in tin foil. The look and feel of it should help to put cats off from climbing it.

5. Opt for a half parasol Christmas tree to keep decor out of reach

Half parasol trees, where half of the trunk is left bare, could be a sensible style choice. ‘The decor is out of your cat’s reach, whilst still keeping the festive feel in the room,’ adds Mairi.

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