10 Brilliant Makeup Tricks That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier!

10 Brilliant Makeup Tricks That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier!

These 10 makeup tricks are dedicated to all the women who are interested in the latest beauty trends, and who are always looking for tips and tricks to achieve the perfect makeup look. In fact, I have gathered (brilliant!) makeup tricks that won’t only give you a flawless look, but they will also save you a lot of money. So let’s see what are they?

1. To avoid mascara clumps, dip it into a glass of hot water for a while.

– A drop or two of baby oil or contact lenses solution into your mascara will also get rid of any mascara clumps.  

2. Don’t buy a contouring brush, instead use a bobby pin to turn your regular blush brush into a contouring brush for more definition.


– Bobby pins can also change your regular blush brush into a fan brush if you’re looking for more natural-looking blushing cheeks.


3. Did your favorite lipstick break? Don’t worry, this is very easy to fix. Gently try to stick the broken part to the fixed one with your fingers. Now using a lighter, expose the lipstick to the flame, it will melt and become blend as one stick again.


4. During wintertime, pencil eyeliners tend to dry off. To fix this problem, you need to expose the pencil to low heat, it will bring it back to work.


5. Your BB cream has finished and you need to use one now? No problem, mix your daily moisturizer with your foundation.


6. You want to get the perfect shape for your nose but you’re not a  – professional? No problem, beauty blogger @youngcouture will show you an easy makeup trick to get it done perfectly. Use a fork to darken the edges of your nose and to highlight the center, and you’re ready to blend it all together.


7. You’ll love this makeup trick if you want thicker lashes without adding any false ones. Dip an old mascara wand into baby powder, and then apply it on your lashes. Afterwards, apply mascara and enjoy thick and long lashes all night long.


8. If you love carrying mini bags, I got the perfect solution for you. Instead of carrying all of your makeup and beauty products with you, add a little bit of them into a contact lenses case. They’re tiny and they won’t take too much space in your bag.


9. Never sleep with your makeup on; if you’re out of makeup remover, then it’s a great opportunity for you to remove your makeup with natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil or even rosewater. 


10. To fix a dry and cracked eyeshadow, pour a drop or two of rubbing alcohol on the powder, and then press with a metal spoon so it would go back to its form.

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